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ZSL London Zoo Annual Weigh-In

on August 28, 2021

It's time for the animals at ZSL London Zoo to face the scales for the Annual Weigh-In.

Once a year, the keepers at ZSL London Zoo gather the animals for their annual weigh-in to record up-to-date measurements for the Zoological Information Management System which is shared with zoos all over the world.

Up first was Arya, a four-year-old Asiatic Lion who joined the pack in London from Paignton Zoo.

Tempted by meaty treats, she stretched up to an impressive 7 foot, though they might need a bigger ruler.

On the shorter side, Owlberta the Tawny Owl had her wing span measured by keeper Hattie Sire.

Equally as small were the Big Headed Turtle and Midwife Toad who was small enough to fit into a spoon.

Polly the Galapagos Tortoise had her carapace measured, as she happily munched on lettuce.

Next on the scale were the cheeky but loveable Squirrel Monkeys, known for stealing snacks from the bags of visitors.

Finally it was the turn of Noemie the Bactrian Camel, who is always eager to help keeper Mick Tiley with his note-taking.

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