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Tokyo Pizza

Sake & Japanese Inspired Pizza

on October 19, 2020

A pizzeria and cocktail bar with a difference, Japanese inspiration meets Italian pizza in London at Tokyo Pizza.

Located in Little Venice, this underground pizzeria is chic and minimal, decorated with geisha art and cherry blossom.

Behind the sleek black & gold bar, you'll find a wide range of Japanese whisky, sake and inventive cocktails to try.

The Asa Akira Martini puts a twist on the classic cocktail with lychee and sparking sake while the Cherry Blossom Negroni mixes gin with Campari, sweet vermouth and cherry liquor.

Pizza designs to be enjoyed with both chopsticks and cutlery, toppings include unusual ingredients like bonito flakes, miso and shiitake served alongside traditional favourites. There's even an Okonomiyaki Pizza inspired by the Japanese savoury pancake.

With a selection of Japanese craft beers including Kirin and Coedo Beer, you'll be able to find the perfect pairing for your food.

The Wagyū Tataki is one of the most extravagant pizzas on the menu and a feast for meat lovers with seared Wagyu tataki, mozzarella, mizuna and sesame sauce.

Vegans will love the colourful Karifurawā Pizza served on a tofu cream base and topped with purple cauliflower, edamame, kabocha, a teriyaki glaze and sesame seeds.

And for dessert, try something a little different with a shot of Kiyoko, a sake made from Japan's rarest fruit Yuzu. Similar to Limoncello, it's sweet and refreshing with a delicious tang.

Located at 47 Maida Vale, you can book a table via the Tokyo Pizza website, call 020 3887 1499 or oder online via Deliveroo.


Tokyo Pizza

47 Maida Vale, Little Venice, London W9 1SD, UK

020 3887 1499