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Wizard Afternoon Tea

on November 09, 2020

Summon up your coven of Witches & Wizards and head to Pimlico for a magical Wizard Afternoon Tea.

Located in the basement of the Georgian House Hotel, the Pimlico Pantry has been decorated with candles, cobwebs and cauldrons.

Make your way downstairs where wizard hats, wands and a bubbling cauldron are waiting for you at your table.

Every witch needs her brew, so start your experience with a pot of hot tea.

It's then time for the magic to begin as you're presented with three birdcages filled with treats.

Start with the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Savouries and tuck into a Beefwitched Brisket Wrap, slow cooked with spiced tomato chutney and watercress, hciwdnas inside out cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese, and a Brieware Tart with caramelised red onion and Somerset Brie.

Our favourites were the Eggspelliarmos, an egg mayonnaise stack served on beetroot crackers and the spectacular Smoking Salmon served inside a smoked book and topped with caviar.

Next it's time to top Vanilla Scones and Eye Of Newt Scones with curdled cream and crushed strawberries.

And once you've progressed to Grand Wizard, it's time to indulge your sweet tooth.

Be tempted by a Lemon Cursed Tart, Dark Arts Brownie with chocolate & salted caramel, a Web Topped Passion Fruit Jelly, adorable head popping Wizard Hat Chocolate Lollipop and a Raspberry Trapped In A Shot Glass which you'll have to use your dark arts to free.

For an extra indulgent experience, you can upgrade to Bottomless Bubbles for £20 per wizard or try a Wizard Cocktail mixed with frozen crystals, druid's water and ancient red fairy dust.

Available Friday-Sunday, you can book your Wizard Afternoon Tea (starting December 2nd 2020) via the Georgian House Hotel website.


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