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The Stylist

on March 07, 2021

With all the hallmarks of a cult classic, The Stylist by Jill Gevargizian and ARROW is a must watch this lockdown.

Always perfectly styled in cute outfits with immaculate hair, Claire (portrayed by Najarra Townsend) seems perfectly normal, if just a bit awkward on the outside, making her an unlikely psychopath.

Taking a little more than a bit off the top, Claire scalps her clients, trying out their personalities as she ritualistically tries on their hair.

Curiously, we began to feel sorry for the stylist as she struggles with normal human interactions, and that her bitchy clients deserve their gory fate, wishing for her to find at least one friend and put a stop to her killing spree.

The Stylist is thrilling and terrifying, like a hipster take on Sweeney Todd. You'll never complain about uncomfortable small chat with your stylist again!

Available on ARROW from March 1st. Watch it here.




London, UK