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Doctor Who: Time Fracture

on June 20, 2021

Spend an evening travelling through space and time with Doctor Who: Time Fracture at Immersive LDN.

A weapon of unknown origin is threatening to destroy us all and it's down to you to save the day.

From Immersive Everywhere, the creative team behind The Great Gatsby, the adventure begins at UNIT HQ on Davies Mews in Mayfair.

Sip on a Bubbling Beaker cocktail as you become immersed in the weird and wonderful universe of Doctor Who.

Featuring a talented cast, along with video messages from the original stars of the show, this is the perfect night out for Whovians and sci-fi fans alike.

Be prepared to run from the Cyber Men, Daleks and avoid blinking at the Weeping Angels as you explore 14 different worlds.

Thrilling, sometimes terrifying and totally immersive, there's no other experience in the city quite like it.

Enlist as a recruit now and book your ticket at the Immersive Doctor Who website.



56 Davies St, London W1K 5JF, UK

020 3745 4450