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COLAB Tavern

Sovereign Song

on June 18, 2021

Join the revolution and become an Elephantonian with Sovereign Song at the COLAB Tavern in Elephant & Castle.

CrushRoom have set up residence at COLAB Tavern, the venue that's home to Crooks 1926 and Flicker, for a new immersive experience with a fantastic cast that's entertaining, intriguing and hilarious.

Tired of Brexit and the current political climate, Elephant and Castle has declared itself independent from the rest of Britain and you're invited to apply for citizenship.

However, this is no ordinary embassy, so gather your favourite free citizens and sip on cocktails while you find out if you're eligible for residence.

On top of retaining EU status, this glorious new state is eclectic, diverse and has recreational drug rights for all.

But as with any rebellion, things are never plain sailing and when the rest of the UK declares war on the fledgling republic, fighting for freedom is your only option.

Be prepared to lie, cheat and steal your way to a new life by solving puzzles, creating a fake identity and taking up arms for the rebellion.

The perfect antidote after lockdown, this is the ideal night out to ease back into theatre with an immersive experience that's both Covid-secure while making you feel part of the community.

Running from June 1-31, every Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30pm, you can book your ticket via the CrushRoom website now.


COLAB Tavern

King William IV, 16 Harper Rd, London SE1 6AD, UK

07724 633985